Video Imaging Systems

QuickSet has developed a standard line of imaging products qualified to operate in CAT-5 hurricanes and survive 200 MPH winds. The QuickEye® product is available with a choice of two different CCD cameras with telephoto lenses. These imaging systems can be controlled via all common network interfaces, including IP using QuickSet controllers or via software commands.

Our standard marine product, SeaView™, is based on our Sentry 90 marine pan/tilt unit with dual long range-imagers in both Thermal and CCD spectrums. The SeaView product is a modular design with the flexibility of changing cameras to meet specific range and environmental make a type specimen book.

QuickSet also fabricates imaging systems to satisfy customer-defined requirements. These systems, mounted atop our “smart” family of pan/tilts can include any combination of imagers, LRF, GPS and video servers right at the node. In most cases, the “bolt on” components are housed in QuickSet marine proof encloses and are selected from amongst our extensive cadre of OEM suppliers through beneficial partnering arrangements.

In all cases above, the system is a fully integrated unit including internal micro-processing and motor drivers allowing all nodal functions to be managed locally including: camera functions, preset aim-points, surveillance tours and patterns and more.

System Controls

QuickSet offers a full line of pan and tilt controllers for precise and smooth control of our pan and tilts and they can easily be desktop or rack mounted. Our controllers range from basic pushbutton/joystick to full RS 232 & RS 422 PC Computer Controlled models.

Rugged Positioners

QuickSet International is the industry leader in rugged precision positioning systems. Our positioners feature smart positioning controls, web-enabled remote operation, the ability to withstand extreme environments, sensor fusion and robust stabilization for a variety of payloads.

Optional Features

Our rugged precision positioning systems are available with the following options:

  • Video stabilization
  • Video tracking
  • Enclosures 
  • Motion detection

Ultra-Stable Tripods

QuickSet International has been a leading supplier of heavy-duty tripods for over 70 years. Our tripods feature foot-operated brake locks, compact folding for easy storage, quick release and adjustable leg locks, and built-in carrying handles for easy transport. They can handle up to 400-lb payloads and are perfect for those who demand outstanding durability in the most extreme conditions.

Note: Technical specification subject to change without notice.