MICRON3D green stereo is the most accurate 3D scanner on the market designed for manufacturing operations that value technology solutions in line with industry 4.0. The MICRON3D green stereo is ideally suited for quality control or reverse engineering applications. The MICRON3D green stereo uses green LED light measuring 520nm wavelengths, which, together with the filter used, reduces the impact of lighting changes on measurements. This allows it to capture up to 30% better results when compared to 3D scanners using white light measurement. In addition, the 3D scanner from SMARTTECH incorporates two monochrome detectors, which allow much more accurate reproduction of the structure surface. Using LED lighting ensures maximum life expectancy and years of trouble-free operation.

Features: Stereoscopic measurement using two detectors, Dual Direction Stripes, Higher measurement accuracy, Precise quality control, Possible integration with rotary stage for automated data capture.


Demonstration video:

Note: Technical specification subject to change without notice.